DescriptionStatusMSRPSale Price
Musical Fidelty V90 DAC.New399.00299.95
Magnum Dynalab FT-11 analog FM tuner newly factory refurbished.Consignment$599.00$350.00
Denon 2930ci DVD, DVD-A, CD, SACD player.Trade$1299.00$499.95
.Sima Audio 2002 125 WPC amplifier.ConsignmentRecently checked-out$575.00
.PS Audio “SPROUT” integrated amplifier w/DAC and Bluetooth.Demo$1099.00$699.95
.Dynavector P75 mark IV MM/MC phono pre-amplifier.New$1000.00$749.95
Oracle Paris PH-100 MC/MM phono preamplifier.Consignment (brand new)$990.00$775.00
Musical Fidelity MX VINYL phono pre-amplifier MM/MC capable.New$1199.00$999.95
Elipson BT-HD Music Center.Demo$1500.00$1099.95
.Rotel RC 1090 preamplifier & RB 1080 200WPC power amplifier (combo).Consignment$3910.00$1375.00
Gold Note PH-10 phono pre-amplifier MM/MC capable, adjustable phono equalization curve, gain and loading.Demo$2000.00$1499.95
Weiss Minerva DAC w/preamplifier.Consignment$5000.00 USD$1750.00
.PARASOUND JC3 Junior MM & MC phono pre-amplifier.New$2100.00$1799.95
Unison Research “Unico Primo” integrated amplifier w/phono input.Sealed Box$2670.00$1849.95
Shanling MC-50 “all-in-one” music center/CD receiver with iPod dock, comes with tested input tubes.New$2335.00$1899.95
Shanling A 2.1 Export Edition integrated amplifier with remote.Demo$2410.00$1949.95
PARASOUND NewClassic 200 pre & NewClassic 2125 V2 power amp.Demo/New$2395.00$1999.95
Unison Research “Simply Italy” single-ended, pure class A, 12 WPC vacuum tube integrated amplifier comes with fully-tested tubes (all).Demo$2877.50$2299.95
Audio Space AS-8i mark II vacuum tube integrated amplifier with fully-tested input tubes.Demo$3547.50$2449.95
Audio Space GALAXY 88 vacuum tube integrated amplifier triode and ultralinear modes, comes with specially selected NOS tubes.Demo$3770.00
ModWright KWA 100 with upgrades 110 WPC (8 Ohms) power amplifier.Trade$5500.00$2750.00
PS Audio Direct Stream Junior DAC.Sealed Box$5299.00$3999.95

Cables & Accessories

DescriptionStatusMSRPSale Price
BLU-TACK adhesive.New$12.00$10.00
Clearaudio carbon fiber record brush.New$35.00$29.75
Clearaudio “Elixir of Sound” stylus cleaner.New$39.00$33.75
Black Diamond Racing Cones Mark III or Mark IV versions.New$100.00
(kit of 3)
(kit of3)
Van Den Hul “the Second” 0.6m balanced (XLR) interconnects.Consignment$500.00$225.00
Cardas Neutral Reference 0.5m Balanced / XLR–termination interconnects.Trade$560.00$249.95
Madison Audio Labs ES-1 single-wire custom terminated with Transparent Audio universal spade lugs, 10ft pair.NewCustom Made Pair$164.95
(5 hrs. labor)
Sennheiser Momentum headphones.New$399.95$339.95
Shunyata Venom 3 HC High Current AC power cord.New$429.95$349.95
PS Audio Statement 2.0m AC Cord.Trade$700.00$350.00
Target HF 570 five-shelf audio rack.Trade$500.00$374.95
Transparent Audio “Music Link Plus” MM Series 2 RCA interconnects 2.0m.C.P.O.
(certified pre-owned)
Cardas Crosslink 1-S bi-wire speaker cables, 111.75″ custom terminated pair w/4 Transparent bananas + 8 YBA bananas.DemoCustom Made Pair$319.95
+$125.00 labor
Shunyata Venom Digital 1.5m AC power cord for digital sources.Demo$564.95$449.95
PS Audio DECTET AC power line conditioner.New$699.00$574.95
Cardas Clear Golden Presence 1.0m RCA interconnects.New$1125.00$749.95
Norstone STAABL 4-shelf audio rack with 15mm thick glass shelves.New$899.95$749.95
Van Den Hul Revelation II 8ft. single-wire Speaker cables.Trade$1500.00$749.95
Cardas Golden Reference 1.0m balanced (XLR) interconnects.Trade$1535.00$775.00
Cardas Neutral Reference 2.0m bi-wire speaker cables.New/Used$1610.00$849.95
Norstone STAABL four-shelf audio rack with bamboo shelves.New$1199.95$974.95


(per pair)
Sale Price
Wharfedale Diamond 220 bookshelf loudspeakers.Demo$479.00$359.95
Wharfedale Diamond 225 bookshelf loudspeakers.Sealed Boxes$649.00$524.95
Martin Logan Motion 16 in high gloss lacquered piano black.New$999.00$599.95
Martin Logan Motion 16 With OPTIONAL high gloss dark cherrywood finish.Demo$1179.00$649.95
Wharfedale Diamond 230 floor-standing loudspeakers.Demo$1099.00$849.95
Chario SYNTAR 516 with the dedicated Chario stands (made in Italy).Demo$1405.00$949.95
Martin Logan Motion 35XT bookshelf loudspeakers.Factory
ProAc Response 1-S high performance mini-monitor loudspeakers in OPTIONAL and rare yew wood finish (made in the UK).Consignment$3450.00$1275.00
Wharfedale REVA-3 Floor-standing loudspeakers.Demo$1999.00$1499.95
ProAc Tablette 10 mini-monitor loudspeakers in gorgeous cherry wood finish (made in the UK).Almost New$2375.00$1499.95
Floor-standing loudspeakers in OPTIONAL black cherrywood finish.
Sealed boxes$1999.00$1499.95
Stirling LS 3/5A monitor/bookshelf loudspeakers with matching subwoofers (also act as stands).Trade$3250.00$1750.00
Dynaudio Excite X18 monitor/bookshelf loudspeakers.Demo$3000.00$1799.95
ProAc Studio 118 monitor/bookshelf loudspeakers in beautiful Mahogany wood finish (made in the UK).Demo$3000.00$1899.95
Gershman Acoustics Studio II bookshelf loudspeakers finished in high gloss piano black lacquer (made in Canada).New$3600.00$2899.95
Dynaudio Special Forty monitor-type bookshelf loudspeakers.Sealed box$5200.00$3499.95

Analogue Products

DescriptionStatusMSRPSale Price
Pro-Ject “Brush It!” carbon record brush.New$24.95$19.95
Ortofon OM 5E MM phono cartridge.New$89.00$74.95
Ortofon 2M RED MM phono cartridge.New$139.00$114.95
Clearaudio “The Twister” record clamp.Trade$199.95$143.00
Target VW1 wall-mount turntable shelf.Trade$275.00$165.00
Pro-Ject WM-1 wall-mount turntable isolation platform.New$229.00$185.00
Benz-Micro ACE-L low output MC phono cartridge.Consignment$600.00$300.00
Pro-Ject Essential series 3 turntable & tone arm with factory mounted Ortofon OM 5E MM phono cartridge.Demo$449.00$399.00
Excel Sound Corporation HANA EH high output MC cartridge.New$550.00$449.95
Pro-Ject DEBUT CARBON turntable & tonearm & phono cartridge pkg.Sealed Box$649.00$499.95
Pro-Ject ESSENTIAL Series III turntable George Harrison limited edition.Display$699.00$574.95
Excel Sound Corporation HANA SH high output MC cartridge w/Shibata stylus.New$850.00$699.95
Rega P5 turntable & RB700 tone arm upgraded with Cardas cartridge clips (no cartridge installed).Trade$2195.00$999.95
Linn LINTO phono pre-amplifier for low output moving coil cartridges.Trade$2400.00$1000.00
Pro-Ject 2-Xperience turntable with tone arm and Ortofon 2m Silver MM phono cartridge (ready to play!).Almost New$1799.00$1499.95
Clearaudio Concept turntable package with tone arm & phono cartridge (ready to play!).Demo$2320.00$1799.95
Oracle Paris Mark V with installed Oracle / Pro-Ject carbon tone arm (with acrylic dust cover and hinges).Demo$4945.00$3500.00
Clearaudio Performance DC turntable and tone arm package with the Clearaudio Virtuoso V2, Clearaudio’s top model of moving magnet phono cartridge.Demo
-It is all set-up and ready to play records!

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