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Distinctive Audio was founded in February 1986 by Rheal Nadeau as a part-time business with approximately twenty different audio lines on Bruyère street. In January 1988 the business became full time by moving to its current location on 903 Carling Ave. In later years, Distinctive Audio became a corporation in December of 1999.

New Arrivals

Almost every month we have new products to display and demonstrate to our customers.

New Arrivals

Trade Ins

Every month we will be listing new trades through our site and store.

Trade Ins


Every month we will be listing new in-store specials through our site and store.


Location and Hours

Distinctive Audio is open four days a week on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Store Hours

Our Services

We provide customized demonstrations, equipment repairs, custom made interconnects and speaker cables, testing of vacuum tube equipment, set up of turntables and installation / alignment of phono cartridges, and customer support on the equipment we sell.

Listening Demos

We provide our customers with in store auditions and demonstrations of specific audio equipment. This is where you can evaluate the sound quality of what we offer. We would prefer setting up an appointment for you to give us time to prepare the audio set up ahead of time.

Equipment Repair

Through our association with CK Tam we are offering repairs for equipment either inside or outside the manufacturer’s warranty. We will arrange for repairs and get approval for quotations. All equipment for repair needs to be dropped off at the store.

Custom Cables

For specific demands, custom interconnects and speaker cables can be made on request. Quotations, parts and labor are provided ahead of time for customer approval. We are one of the few stores in Ottawa that provides high quality of termination and soldering.

Tube Testing

Distinctive Audio is the only store in Ottawa that provides our customers with complete vacuum tube testing. Our testing includes input and output testing on the tubes we currently use in our equipment. We will provide estimates and quotations upon request.

Staff Members

Rheal Nadeau, has owned and operated Distinctive Audio since it was founded in 1986. Rheal has over 30 years of experience in the high end industry.

Rhealn Nadeau

Rhealn Nadeau


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