Summer 2022 Inventory Sale! – Updated: July 22nd, 2022

Electronics (amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, integrated amplifiers, digital sources etc...)

Product Name Status List Price SALE Price
Tri-Art S-series headphone pre-amplifier New $438.00 $374.95
Sima Audio 2002 125 WPC Amplifier Consignment Recently checked-out $575.00
Pro-Ject model analogue pre-amplifier Brand New $799.00 $649.95
Anthem Amp-1 vacum tube power amplifier with newly tested vacuum tubes Trade-In $1699.00 $899.95
Magnum Dynalab FT-101A upgraded to MD100 triode output Consignment $1775.00 $975.00
Tri-Art P-series integrated amplifier natural bamboo finish New $1198.00 $999.95
ARCAM model Stereo AM/FM receiver Trade $3000.00 $1000.00
Elipson Music Centre All-in-One Demo (almost new) $1500.00 $1199.95
Weiss Minerva DAC w/Preamplifier Consignment $5000.00 USD $1750.00 CAD
SHANLING MC-50 "all-in-one" Music Center/ CD receiver with iPod dock (comes with tested tubes) Demo $2335.00 $1899.95
Shanling CD 2.1 Export Edition with optional Amperex 12AU7A Fully Tested Vacuum Tubes Demo $2450.00 $1949.95
Musical Fidelity ENCORE Connect Server / CD Player / Preamplifier Anodized Silver Finish Demo $5499.00 $2199.95
Audio Space Galaxy 34 vacuum tube integrated amplifier with remote control Almost New $2950.00 $2374.95
Audio Space AS-8i mark II vacuum tube integrated amplifier with fully-tested input tubes Demo $3547.50 $2449.95

Analogue Products (turntables, cartridges, phono pre-amplifiers and analogue accessories)

Product Name Status List Price SALE Price
Ortofon 2M red moving magnet cartridge Brand New $145.95 $119.95
Micromega (My Groove) Stand alone phono pre-amplifier, external power supply Brand New $299.00 $234.95
Ortofon 2M Blue moving magnet cartridge New $314.95 $249.95
Tri-Art S-Series MM Phono pre-amplifier with external power supply black finish Almost New $444.00 $359.95
Tri-Art S-series MM phono pre-amplifier black finish Demo $460.00 $359.95
Pro-Ject T1 turntable package New $529.99 $474.95
Tri-Art P-series MM/MC phono pre-amplifier; natural bamboo finish New $638.00 $534.95
Pro-Ject debut III switchbox, phono built-in & bluetooth; lacquered piano black finish Brand New $699.99 $599.95
Dynavector DV20 XH series 2 high output moving coil cartridge (used) Consignment $1250.00 $675.00
Project Debut Carbon EVO with Ortofon 2M Red, lackered piano-black finish Brand New $799.99 $699.95
HANA SL low output moving coil cartridge Brand New $920.00 $874.95
Pro-Ject Deput PRO Turntable Package with Pro-Ject Evo 9cc Tonearm + Ortofon PickIT Pro MM Cartridge Display $1099.99 $874.95
Musical Fidelity MX VINYL phono pre-amplifier MM/MC capable Demo $1199.00 $899.95
Oracle PH-100 Series III phono pre-amplifier MM-MC Cartridges, External Power Supply, Matte Black Finish Brand New $1250.00 $1049.95
Oracle PH-200 series II phono pre-amp with external power supply Demo $2250.00 $1575.00
Oracle Delphi Series II Turntable + Fidelity Research FR64 Tonearm with Cardas DIN Phono Cable Trade In $3750.00 $1849.95
ZESTO PS1 vacuum tube phono pre-amplifier MINT condition with original packaging / owner manual Consignment $4700.00 $2350.00
Clearaudio Concept Active turntable package with built-in phono pre-amp and headphone output Brand New $3699.00 $2699.95
Pro-Ject Evolution 9 Turntable Lacquered Piano Black Finish + Pro-Ject Evo 9 Tonearm Internally wired with Cardas and Cardas Din to RCA Tonearm Interconnect Trade In $4000.00 $2249.95

Loudspeakers (all prices are PER PAIR, unless otherwise noted)

Product Name Status List Price SALE Price
Martin-Logan Crescendo X powered Wi-Fi, Blurtooth, streaming loudspeaker (single-unit) Brand New $995.00
Martin Logan Motion 15i bookshelf loudspeakers New $1099.98 per pair
Martin Logan Motion 35XTi bookshelf loudspeakers New $1699.98 per pair
Elipson "L" spherical satellite loudspeakers New $1500.00 per pair $1199.95 per pair
Martin Logan Motion 20i floor standing speakers (red walnut) Brand New $2399.98 per pair
ProAc Tablette 10 mini-monitor loudspeakers in gorgeous cherry wood finish (made in the UK) Almost New $2800.00 per pair $1899.95 per pair
Tri-Art B-Series 3 open high efficiency (94dB) open baffle loudspeakers in beautiful bamboo finish Recent Demo $2640.00 per pair $2149.95 per pair
Martin Logan Motion 40 i floor standing speakers (red walnut) Brand New $2899.98 per pair
DYNAUDIO Special Forty monitor bookshelf loudspeakers in gorgeous high gloss lacquered red wood finish Demo $5200.00 per pair $3249.95 per pair

Cables & Accessories (interconnects, speaker cables, AC power cords, power line conditioners, speaker stands audio racks & anti-vibration / isolation solutions)

Any ISO Acoustic products in stock are 15% off MSRP.

Product Name Status List Price SALE Price
ClearAudio carbon fiber record brush Brand New $37.00 $31.50
Clearaudio “Elixir of Sound” stylus cleaner New $49.00 $39.95
PS Audio / Octave records – 2 discs Brand New $64.95 $52.75
Black Diamond Racing Cones Mark III or Mark IV versions New $110.00 (kit of 3) $89.99 (kit of3)
Norstone Esse 24" speaker stands with black tempered glass base / black post Brand New $179.95 $139.95
Transparent Audio Music Link Gen V 1.0m RCA Interconnects Factory Terminated Trade $280.00 $149.95
Magnum Dynalab ST-2 FM antenna New $199.00 $169.95
Clear Audio (the Twister) lockable Record Clamp Brand New $209.00 $174.95
IsoAcoustics Gaia III isolation feet for loudspeakers Brand New $249.99 / per four $204.95 / per four
IsoAcoustics ZAZEN I isolation platform (up to 25 lbs) Brand New $259.99 $207.99
Cardas 1.25m Iridium phono cable Trade $340.00 $214.95
IsoAcoustics ZAZEN II isolation platform (up to 40 lbs) Brand New $298.99 $239.99
Nordstone Esse 4 tempered glass red shelves audio rack black frame Brand New $349.95 #264.95
Cardas Iridium 1.0m RCA interconnects (pair) New $335.00 $269.95
Norstone Loft extension side 2 extra shelves / frame New $365.95 $289.95
Norstone ESSE HiFi 4-shelf audio rack New $349.95 $299.95
Norstone 4 tempered black shelves / black frame audio rack Brand New $349.00 $299.95
Shunyata Venom 3 HC High Current AC power cord, 20A IEC connector Demo $429.95 $299.95
JPS LABS 2.0m AC Power Cord with 15A male/female plugs Consignment $675.00 $300.00
Norstone Esse 4 black shelves / black frame; separators on the bottom shelf for records Brand New $399.95 $324.95
Norstone Loft 3 shelves audio rack Brand $549.95 $399.95
Cardas Clear AES/EU (XLR – balanced) digital cable 0.5 meter factory terminated with CG XLR plugs Trade $950.00 $474.95
Tri-Art B-series 20" speaker stands Demo $799.95 $574.95
Cardas Parsec 2.5 Bi-wire Speaker Cables (pair) Consignment $1170.00 $700.00
PS Audio DECTET AC power line conditioner / power center with PS Audio Power Port outlets and equipment protection New $899.00 $724.95
Norstone STAABL 4-shelf audio rack with 15mm thick glass shelves New $899.95 $749.95
Norstone STAABL four-shelf audio rack with bamboo shelves New $1199.95 $974.95
Tri-Art B-series 4-shelf audio rack in bamboo finish with RPRA anti-vibration technology New $1254.00 $999.95
Cardas Clear Reflection 2.5m Single-wire speaker cables with rhodium plated 9mm spade lugs all end Trade $4180.00 $2099.95

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